The Recall is Coming

Douglas County students and parents deserve School Board members who are focused on problem solving, not trouble making to advance a political agenda.

The future of our amazing Douglas County Schools is in jeopardy.

We cannot allow extremist Board members to hijack our students’ education as part of their political theater.

We deserve a School Board that cares about LOCAL schools and LOCAL issues.

We need transparency

Current School Board members subverted the rule of law by holding secret meetings to fire Superintendent Corey Wise. Open communication is the key to achieving rational school policies. Decisions regarding our children cannot happen behind closed doors.

We demand and deserve School Board accountability by requiring policy and employment decisions be conducted in public with open records of discussions.

We need to teach the truth

We achieve academic excellence in our local schools when we teach the truth and let children, with the help of their families, learn to make their own informed moral judgements. Banning books that discuss America’s racial history and forcing one-sided political agendas harms our students’ ability to think critically.

Our current School Board is more interested in using children as political pawns than establishing curriculum that is historically accurate and thorough.

We need leaders who are good role models

The Golden Rule still applies – love thy neighbor as thyself. Our children are watching and learning from the adults who are supposed to be leaders in their education. They are not seeing citizenship in action. Rather, they are witnessing extremist politics running roughshod over their academic, emotional, and social needs.

We have a responsibility to our students to model good governing and to create critically-minded citizens. Our School Board fails to deliver on this at the most basic level.

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